Samsung’s rush to the top: what does the future hold for Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 10.1?
  ·  1685일 전

Samsung Electronic’s Smartpad ‘Galaxy Note 10.1’ sales have gone through the roof; its daily sales rate of 1800 sales per day well exceeds the number of iPads sold per day of a mere 500. Given that the sales of the iPad series’ exceeded the Galaxy tab series by 24 times, this phenomenon is unusual yet anticipated.

New stereoscopic technology ‘Sound Ball’ promises extraordinary breakthrough
  ·  1686일 전

The new stereoscopic technology ‘Sound Ball’ being developed in South Korea revealed that they have developed a system where virtual speakers can be placed anywhere – even right next to your ear.

Samsung Electronics sets its goal to be the biggest consumer electronics brand globally
  ·  1687일 전

CEO of Samsung Electronics CE, Boo-Keun Yoon outlined Samsung’s goal to be the 1st choice for consumer electronics by 2015.

Czech Startup Belladati Wants to Reinvent Analytics
1688일 전

Belladati has got 2 partners dedicated to reselling and technical support in Seoul, Bizcom and Osskorea. For the Korean market they have introduced BellaDati Piccolo mobile extension for Samsung and android devices

What’s ANIPANG, and why is it so hot in South Korea
  ·  1688일 전

Anypang, South Korea’s mobile-based, HEXA style puzzle game, with 18 million smartphone downloads and 7 million daily users, played on KAKAOTALK Platform. Anypang’s sales projection is reaching 250,000,000 won (224,000$) on a daily basis. It’s service used some sensible choice architecture with multi-level marketing strategy

DOCOMO and KT Aim to Develop Mobile NFC-based Cross-border E-money Service
  ·  1688일 전

NTT DOCOMO, INC., Japan’s leading mobile operator and provider of integrated services centered on mobility, and KT Corporation, South Korea’s leading telecom operator, have agreed to develop a cross-border e-money service that would enable DOCOMO customers with compatible smartphones purchased in Japan to use a prepaid e-money service called “Cashbee” in South Korea.

Nexon’s recent acquisition of Gloops and its greater implications
  ·  1688일 전

Gloops prides itself in having 427 employees, annual sales of ¥ 237 billion, ordinary profit of ¥ 5.8 billion, and net earnings of approximately ¥ 30 billion (as at June 2012). The fact that it is well ahead of major Korean mobile game companies in terms of profit is one of the first things that catch one’s eye – out of many

“What Apple’s new clause will mean to Kakaotalk Users”
  ·  1689일 전

Clause 2.25 was introduced in Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines that will effectively render Kakaotalk gaming services unusable.

Delay in Release of iPhone5 in South Korea Raises Speculations
  ·  1690일 전

There are various speculations as to the reasons for the delay. While some claim that it is due to the tension and litigation history between Apple and Samsung Electronics; others claim that it is because there is a shortage in supplies; others speculate that it is due to the delay in optimization of 850㎒ LTE (Long Term Evolution).

The broken relationship between Neowiz and BLUELAB
  ·  1691일 전

BLUELAB is currently preparing an official announcement with regards to the above matter and are also in search of a new Korean publisher.

WeMade Entertainment’s Candy Pang hits jackpot
  ·  1692일 전

According to the Korean investment consultancy E-trade Investment, the mobile puzzle board game ‘Candy Pang’ developed by WeMade is rapidly advancing through the ratings board; on the 1st of October which marked the first week of launching, it set the record of whopping 6,000,000 downloads and it was increased to a further 8,000,000 all within three days.

BellaDati launches agile analytics and reporting cloud tool at DEMO Fall 2012
1693일 전

Belladati was one of the startups that were part of beLAUNCH 2012 and launched their Korean version during beLAUNCH. Today Belladati announced that they have opened offices in the U.S and have partnered with local partners.

Korea’s Nexon to Acquire Japanese Mobile Game Developer gloops, Inc.
  ·  1696일 전

South Korean company Nexon, a global leader in free-to-play online games, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire all outstanding common shares of gloops, Inc. (“gloops”), a leading developer of mobile games for DeNA’s Mobage platform in Japan, for JPY 36.5 billion in cash

Energy Sector in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) (II): The United Arab Emirates (UAE)
1701일 전

Ali Masoudi looks at the energy sector in the Middle East and North Africa region, in this article, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Abu Dhabi, “Masdar City” a global center of excellence in the renewable energy and clean technology will be introduced and potential business opportunities will be discussed.

Mobile Advertising and Publishing Platform Tapjoy and SK Planet Announce Strategic Global Partnership
1754일 전

Tapjoy a mobile advertising and publishing platform, recently announced that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with SK Planet, an affiliate of SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest telecommunications company.

beSUCCESS Partners With Bench-marking Tool for Entrepreneurs Startup Compass
1756일 전

We at beSUCCESS are glad to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Startup Genome Compass, which is a simple benchmarking tool for entrepreneurs to evaluate their progress against other startups and make more informed product and business decisions by utilizing a data driven feedback loop.

StoryGem – Location Based Social Network That Lets You Share and Find ‘Gems’
1756일 전

StoryGem is a location-based social network service that enables users to discover new friends by sharing their best memories in a geographic area.

SparkLabs, a New Startup Accelerator, Launches and Brings Silicon Valley and the World’s Innovators to South Korea
1758일 전

A new technology startup accelerator launches to further develop one of the world’s leading innovation nations by energizing its entrepreneurial ecosystem. SparkLabs, a new startup accelerator in Korea, is seeking to fill the critical gap for Korea’s entrepreneurs who seek connectivity, knowledge and mentorship as they work to expand into the U.S., China, Japan and other locations across the globe. “Korea has been a powerhouse of innovation in high technology.  SparkLabs opens…

Heard From VC: Building a Successful Start-up in Korea – Eunse Lee
1759일 전

Eunse Lee talks with a VC – Mr. James Kwon, a senior manager at Qualcomm Ventures on building a successful start-up in Korea.

Cooliris Launches Social Photo Discovery App for iPhone and iPad
1763일 전

Cooliris has launched an all-new Cooliris app for iPad and iPhone. Leveraging the Cooliris 3D Wall that the company is renowned for, Cooliris app lets users discover and share photos from multiple sources, all in one place. Cooliris integrates rich media sources such as the mobile photo library, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Images into one seamless app to create a relevant and exciting experience for users to discover photos