FAST TRACK ASIA Acquires 8 million dollars from Insight Ventures and Wonder Holdings
844일 전

Company builder Fast Track Asia announced their 8 million dollar funding from Wonder Holdings and Insight Venture Partners of United States on the 5th. This is the second investment under Wonder Holdings’ lead and participation of previous investor Insight Venture Partners since December 2012. Min-ju Lee of Atinum, Eun-sang Lee of Carbon Eyed, ex-Nexon CCO Sang-bum Kim and other previous as well as current IT founders funded 3.3 million dollars for the…

Daumkakao Buys Smart Alarm Note Startup ‘Kids Note’
844일 전

Daumkakao announced the announcement for their buyout of ‘Kids Note’, a smart alarm notification service for daycare services. Daumkakao now owns 100% of the share and Kids Note became the subsidiary company. Kids Note is a service that allows kindergarten or daycare teachers to post children’s daily schedule, diet, pictures, and other announcements with PC and other smart devices for the parents to have live-time access. About 30% or 14,000 kindergartens, daycares,…

‘WEMAKEPRICE’ Expected to Surpass Coupang After Purchasing Ticket Monster?
845일 전

This year, Coupang reached the top of the social commerce game with two major investments. In order to chase Coupang ‘WEMAKEPRICE’ announced their buyout of Ticket Monster (TMON). There was reserved bidding session for TMON until the morning of 31st. 10 fund manager companies including Carlyle, Affinity,  KKR, Anchor Partners, and WEMAKEPRICE participated in this session. TMON came out on 2010 as the very first domestic social commerce platform. It was purchased…

Tech Startup Support Plan Program, ‘2015 TIPS’ Announced
845일 전

On January 2nd, Small and Medium Business Administration revealed their startup support plan, 2015 TIPS. TIPS is a technology startup support program designed to attract more private investments. Through angel investors from major corporate, TIPS selects promising teams and provides aids like governmental R&D. Small and Medium Business Administration established this ‘Israel style’ startup support program last year and it gained a great amount of popularity because once a startup team secures…

SK Innovation And Woowa Bros Picked Among Korea’s Best Places To Work
858일 전

Recently Job Planet and Fortune Korea co-hosted ‘Korea’s Top 50 Working Environments’ at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul. A studyvwas conducted of both large scale companies as well as small & medium sized enterprises, including the startups. From April to November a short list of 792 was chosen from a total of 140,000. After final assessment, 50 companies were awarded on the night. The criteria to select the most satisfying work…

Korean Government Plans Easing of Fintech and IoT Regulations To Encourage Growth
865일 전

As reported by Business Korea, the  Korean government recently announced that it plans to relax regulations on new innovation-driven industries, including as financial technology (fintech) and the Internet of Things (IoT). This is a positive regulatory signal for local startups in these industries that have struggled against regulation. It also bodes well for the new startup accelerator in Seongdo, that will run its first hardware / IoT / Smart home program in 2015. At…

25% Off Tickets For GMIC Silivon Valley, December 1-3 2014
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beSUCCESS is happy to announce that we are offering 25% off all GMIC SV tickets. To take advantage of this offer, please register using this code [GMICSVD32203F1]. GMIC Silicon Valley is the Largest Mobile Internet Conference in Silicon Valley and will be held December 1-3, 2014 Mobilizing the Next 5 Billion GMIC SV 2014 brings the global mobile ecosystem to Silicon Valley for three days of thought provoking presentations on the industry’s hottest…

Is Korea On The Verge of an IoT Boom? beSUCCESS Aims To Find Out
895일 전

Korea has traditionally been a powerhouse of manufacturing. Samsung, LG and Hyundai are formidable players in their respective industries globally and there are a myriad of smaller domestic companies that either support the big boys or have carved out their own niche. However, Korea has not traditionally been strong in software development, and this is now a national focus. From government directives, corporate strategy and a new breed of Korean tech startups,…

Mobile Ad-Platform ‘MOCOPLEX’ Is Cashing In Big On Ad-Tech, Partners With San Francisco Based SMAATO
896일 전

Seoul based MOCOPLEX has recently announced a strategic alliance with SMAATO, an Ad specialist company based in San Francisco. The partnership will leverage the unique expertise of each partner, while expanding their reach by combining Ad networks in their respective home markets. Much discussion in Korea has recently centered around the difficulties of successfully expanding into new markets. Korean/Asian startups often struggle to take hold outside their domestic borders. In the same…

Samsung Gear VR, In Partnership with Oculus VR, Set To Launch In U.S. Next Month
896일 전

  Samsung has recently announced that it plans to launch its first virtual reality headset in the U.S. in December 2014. According to a company statement it will then gradually expand the service into other countries. The device provides 360 degree rotating view, creating a life-like experience for users. It is currently linked to the Galaxy Note 4 through a micro-USB. Oculus VR’s Max Cohen believes that the future of VR will be…

SMATOOS Recognised by RedHerring As One of 2014’s Most Audacious Technology Companies
897일 전

Korean EdTech startup SMATOOS, announced today that it has been selected as a candidate for Red Herring’s 2014 Top 100 Global award, a prestigious recognition honoring the year’s most audacious and far-reaching private technology companies and entrepreneurs from across the globe. SMATOOS connects US businesses to the Asian enterprise market using their popular BeNative service. BeNative interviews top-level executives of various American businesses and films their employees performing basic tasks at work….

Despite Being The Most Wired City, Seoul Lags in The ‘Networked Society City Index’
898일 전

Networked Society Lab published their “Networked Society City Index” report measuring the ICT maturity of the world’s major cities at the 2014 Business Innovation Forum recently held in Stockholm, Sweden, reported Business Korea. Stockholm, Sweden ranked number one and Seoul ranked 12th in the penetration and usage rates of information and communications technology. For the study 40 major cities around the world were indexed. The study evaluated the quality of each cities’…

Common Values Trump High-Tech, The Case Of Korean Startup ‘Lineable’
905일 전

“Protect our children together,” calls Lineable, a new wristband that helps track missing children. The device was developed by a Korean startup, yet the slogan has resounded with parents across the globe. What is Lineable? Lineable is a wristband loaded with beacon technology that enables parents to both prevent losing their children, and if they become lost, to find them easily. But that’s not all. Due to the core technology, the more…

Naver Enjoys Strong Revenue On The Back Of LINE Success
911일 전

Naver, Korea’s largest search portal and parent company of the popular LINE messeging application, has sustained double-digit growth in the third quarter of this year The primary reason for this is strong revenue growth in overseas markets. The company posted sales of around $700 million for the third quarter of this year, up 22.3% on the same period last year. Operating profit for the quarter is estimated at around $188 million, also…

Korean Security Startup ‘Lockin Company’ Promises High End Mobile Security For Startups
913일 전

Lockin Company is a Korean ‘mobile application security company’ that has targeted smaller app developers who struggle to afford the more expensive app security services from larger providers. They have recently launched their cloud-based SaaS security service. How it works: App developers upload their package data with their application’s source code to Lockin’s cloud servers. the security layer is then added by Lockin’s technology and sent back to the developers, before being released…

This Korean Startup Is Capitalizing On K-Pop Fever, Attracts 1 Million Users in 7 months
915일 전

In many countries KPop and other Korean cultural content, such as dramas and movies are all the rage. While much of this content is available on YouTube and services like DramFever and Viki, there is also a plethora of online music services tapping in to the popularity of KPop music. Beat Packing Company is a new startup in the space that aims to bring KPop to the world through their online music…

Stripes Brings Buying a Shirt Into The Digital World, Raises Series A Investment From Smilegate Ventures
918일 전

Stripes is a personal tailoring service that has connected consumers to tailors in the offline space, through technology. They just announced series A Investment from Smilegate Ventures, in a funding round worth $1 million. This is not a new concept and there are dozens of similar services across the world. In fact a friend of mine struck upon the idea around fifteen years ago back in London. What Stripes has though, is first…

Yello Mobile – Perhaps Asia’s most Exciting Startup Story This Year [Part. 1]

Only three years after the first acquisition Yello Mobile has raised $78M, is nurturing an alliance of 35 startups, is profitable to the tune of $1.5M per month and plans to IPO next year. This is surely one of the most exciting startup stories in Asia this year. Here is part one of a two part article about their founding story, growth, and ambitious plans for the future. Part 2 coming tomorrow….

Is The Korean Government Doing Too Much in Support Of Entrepreneurship?
920일 전

“We look forward to another success story with startups here in Daejon,” said President Park Geun-hye during a ceremony to launch yet another innovation center in Korea. While government support for Korean startups has been impressive, is it time for the politicians to take a step back? At some point the ecosystem must be allowed to develop of its own volition and startups surviving off the back of government handouts alone must…

$1 Billion Invested In Startups As Corporates and Government Rally Behind Entrepreneurship
921일 전

Sources in the Goverment have confirmed that a total of around $1 billion was invested in startups in the first nine months of the year. This represents a 9.5% increase from a year earlier. The number of startups that received investment also increased to 619 from 579 over the same period. The increase in funding has been attributed to a rise in activity by institutional investors and private venture funds, as well as government investment…