South Korean Startup Support Gets Mixed Reception

Published on the Wall Street Journal, February 11 2013 First Year Raises Efficacy Concerns; Government Says Project Continues to Improve In the past year, the South Korean government has sponsored a raft of overseas programs to give its young startups exposure to global tech trends. Government officials here hope that a thriving local startup scene could soon put fresh Korean technology names on the global stage—and they are sparing no expense to…

Rakuten Acquires Viki for $200M
1200일 전

Reported by AllThingsD on Septemer 1st 2013 Japan’s Internet e-commerce giant Rakuten is set to purchase Viki, a premium video site that has been described as “Hulu for the rest of the world.” The deal was set to be announced next week, but after I queried the company about it, its CEO, Hiroshi Mikitani (whose nickname is Mickey), confirmed the transaction, although he declined to give the price. That would be $200 million, according…

BootstrapLabs and Coolidge Corner Investment Partner to Launch Bootstrap Accelerator Korea
1203일 전

Partnership creates first Korea-­focused accelerator for tech startups with a dedicated Silicon Valley Fast Track™ program Silicon Valley-­based BootstrapLabs, a global accelerator for foreign entrepreneurs and Seoul-­based Coolidge Corner Investment (CCVC), a technology venture firm with $22M under management, today announce the formation of BootstrapAccelerator Korea, a Seoul-­based 6 month accelerator program specifically designed to assist young and promising korean technology startups to relocate in Silicon Valley and build global businesses. Additionally,…

South Korean Startup Flitto Crowned ‘Best Startup In The World” At Seedstars World In Switzerland
1204일 전

The Korean ecosystem is buzzing with the news that one of their own, translation service Flitto, has this week been crowned as the best startup in the World at the final of the Seedstars World global startup competition. The team at Seedstars spent almost nine months travelling to 20 different cities across the globe to find the best startups in each region. The regional winners were then invited to the grand final, and offered…

NOOM Inc. Secures $7M In Series A Funding To Continue Innovating Mobile Weight Loss Solutions
1206일 전

Noom, Inc., the creator of fun and easy-to-use health and wellness apps, announced today that it has closed a $7 million Series A round of funding led by New York-based RRE Ventures with participation from TransLink Capital, Scrum Ventures, Recruit Group Japan, Qualcomm Ventures and Harbor Pacific Capital. RRE’s Jim Robinson IV will join the company’s board. “Noom has designed a comprehensive mobile weight loss program complete with guidance and motivational support…

Another Korean Bitcoin Startup, CoinPlug, Raises $400k from US Investors

Korean startup Coinplug has closed an investment round paid partly in bitcoin. This news comes shortly after another Korean Bitcoin startup, Korbit, also raises $400k from a dream team of Silicon Valley investors, as reported by beSUCCESS here. Coinplug raised $400,000 from Cupertino-based fund SilverBlue, with half the amount raised in bitcoin and the rest in fiat currency. The startup plans to launch a digital currency exchange, wallet and merchant platform in Korea in mid-December….

With $1.5 Million Investment, Korean Startup Smile Mom Launches Mobile Community For Moms

Originally posted on TechCrunch Moms feeling guilty about baby-spamming Facebook with their child’s photos and their every precious moment now have a more private alternative for those updates, thanks to a new mobile social network called Smile Mom. The app, which is designed to connect moms with others nearby, has already grown to 14,000 users during its beta testing phase. The founders behind the new app are formerly of Paprika Lab, a…

Korean Bitcoin Startup Korbit Gets $400k in Funding from Dream Team of Silicon Valley Investors

It has never happened before that a Korean startup has been able to secure early stage funding ($400k in this case) from such a high profile Silicon Valley investor line-up. The news that Korbit has achieved this momentous step heralds the start of a year that has already been billed as having the best potential ever, for Korean startups. While the value of the investment may seem small by Silicon Valley standards,…

3 Generations of Global Venture Capitalists – The Drapers Share Their Wisdom
1338일 전

“I try to look for ideas that will break down borders,” said Adam Draper, the youngest venture capitalist in the Draper family. Global venture investing, funding startups internationally, runs in the Draper blood. The eldest of the three, Bill Draper, first started working as a venture capitalist for his father in 1959, after fighting in the Korean War. In 1986, Bill Draper moved on to become the head of the United Nations…

Korean LP’s/Funds investing in Silicon Valley Panel – How to pitch to them and how to manage the relationships
1360일 전

How do you pitch, and then manage the relationship with your investors? You cashed the check, now what? Managing the relationship with your investors is an important skill that new entrepreneurs have to learn. Join us at beGLOBAL for a lively discussion about how to navigate the sometimes-complicated relationship between the idea and the money. That is the topic that will be discussed at the Korean LP’s/Funds investing in Silicon Valley Panel…

Startup Visas To Be Given To Facilitate Foreign Investment And Employment

Last Sunday, the South Korean Ministry of Justice announced the revision of the ‘Enforcement Decree of the Immigration Control Act’, which includes granting of startup visas to foreigners for better facilitation of foreign investment activities in Korea. It also aims to encourage international students in Korea to establish startups in the country. (Is Seoul going to be the next Silicon Valley?… Maybe, maybe.) I have looked at the proposed revisions to the…

Equity Crowdfunding: The Biggest Startup Financing Disruption for 2013?
1610일 전

The JOBS Act, signed by President Obama in April 2012 has legalized Equity Crowdfunding. The laws around the act are being finalized and then the flood gates will be opened to crowd-funded equity investment in startups. The world awaits!

1788일 전

An overview of the angel investing scene in Korea – current scenario, growth, need, angel investors and more.

Korea’s Venture Capitalists for Start-ups – Eunse Lee
1799일 전

We, at beSUCCESS, have received requests, many times and over from our overseas partners and associates in Europe, U.S, and Asia on the information about Korea’s financial systems and services for start-up companies, including venture capitalists (“VC”), angel investors (“angels” or “angel”) and government-initiated programs.

Don’t Find The VC, Let The VC Find You
1851일 전

Soumitra Sharma who is part of the Investments Team at IDG Ventures India, a US$ 150 million venture capital fund focused on investing in Indian technology and technology-enabled businesses shares his thoughts and advice about fund raising from VC firms.