SangBong Suh, the head of Smilegate Orange Farm center, helps Korean startups to go to China

If a person comes for the profit goes for another profit, a person bows for a power searches for another powerful men. Only the person comes for the mind lasts forever.” – from “The Rise of…

  ·  217일 전
Positioning the Korean Wave as ‘Lifestyle’ for a Sustainable Business Model in China

Where are the momentum that will lead the next decade in the consumer market in China? One advised to pay a good attention to the ‘Post-8090’ generation. The Post-8090 generation, often named balinghou (Post-80) or jiulinghou…

  ·  239일 전
Cyber Security Predictions for 2015: Were the Experts Right?

About this time last year, experts and analysts all placed their official predictions for the cyber threat landscape in 2015. Now that a year has come and gone, it would be interesting to see if these…

  ·  355일 전
‘Park Here’, the Pioneer in Innovating Urban Parking

In hotel industry, there is a rather clear ceiling for their revenues; when the rooms are all booked out, it’s pretty much it. There might be some cash inflows from F&B and other event-related revenues such…

  ·  356일 전
8 Percent to Continue Leading Korean P2P Lending Market

Innovation can be defined in many ways. Among those, my favorite is to define it as the ability to kill and eat a great (even better, if it’s the entire) share of an existing market. And…

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