Leland Creswell
Leland Creswell(Leland.Creswell)
Leland is an avid startupaholic and programmer living and working in Seoul with beSuccess. He's worked as a co-founder before (Pickple Communications) as well as teaching English and marketing to businesses in the past.
beGLOBAL 2015 Screening Wraps Up – 20 Amazing Startups Get Ready to Go Global

The second screening session for beGlobal Seoul 2015 was held in D.Camp on May 13. After a grueling day, our judges nominated the top 20 startups whom will be appearing on the big stage at the…

  ·  681일 전
beGLOBAL 2015 Application Deadline Today

The extended deadline for Startup Battle applications will hit tonight, April 6th, at midnight. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the startups who have put their time and…

  ·  690일 전
Big Data Means Big Money for RecoBell

The slogan at Recobell reads “Big Data? Big Money.” We’ve heard it before. RecoBell, a Korean based commerce innovation firm, seems to think they’ve got a solution that makes it easy for companies to leverage their…

  ·  696일 전
beGLOBAL 2015 Startup Battle Q-Prize Increases to $250,000 – Deadline For Applications Extended to April 6th

The Qualcomm Q-Prize, to be awarded at this year’s beGLOBAL 2015 Startup Battle, has been increased to a hefty $250,000. In light of this major change, we have extended out the deadline for applications to April…

  ·  696일 전
The Startup Ecosystem Is NOT A Zero Sum Game (Or, How Generosity Breeds Success in Startups)

90% of startups fail. That means if you are in a startup right now, you will most likely fail. You can either hunt, or be hunted. No. Failure is an illusion. Driven by the media and…

  ·  702일 전
beGLOBAL – Getting In On The Ground Floor Of Korea’s Startup Revolution

Think of a country 50 million strong. Packed into a land less then a quarter the size of California. Coming from next to nothing, this is a people who have worked miracles and economically surpassed much…

  ·  711일 전