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Wise words from A Silicon Valley CEO
April 18, 2013 Nathan Millard

Soujanya Bhumkar, CEO of Palo Alto based CoolIris, will be speaking at beLAUNCH on May 1st – 3rd and he has given us a taste of what is in store, in the form of 16 gems of wisdom, taken from his journey so far.

  1. Idea is only 5% of what it’s going to take. Execution is 95%
  2. It’s not the what and the why, it’s the how. The how is the game changer
  3. Your founding principals should remain constant, but the actual product will probably change
  4. There should be less focus on discussions around business models, more focus on execution of the business models
  5. User feedback will help you navigate your entrepreneurial journey
  6. What is the user thinking 10 seconds before they click on your app – If you achieve that, you are golden
  7. Conditions around you can change. Be aware of this and be ready to change direction
  8. Look in the mirror every day – often that is where you biggest competition can be found
  9. Know how to decide how much to invest for today, AND how much for tomorrow
  10. Use internal indexes to benchmark against customer feedback
  11. Hitting download numbers will not sustain your business. Active engagement can
  12. These days lower broadcast with higher engagement is more valuable than high broadcast
  13. Shamelessly ask all the time. The worst you can get is a No. No is just as cool as a yes. It doesn’t matter
  14. Startups need to leverage partnerships to achieve rapid growth outside there geographical boundaries
  15. Startups can push a release in the same time it takes a big company to schedule a meeting. That means something, and you need to leverage that
  16. Pick your strengths and understand your weaknesses. Then plug your weaknesses through partnerships

To hear more from Soujanya and all of our other top speakers you can still get event tickets for beLAUNCH through our website here.